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Administration Consulting

Mojo Up: Administrators, You Make A Difference

Audience: Administrators
Program Length: Session - 1 Hour, Day - Half or Full Day
Presentation Format: Consulting Session/Day
Presentation Location: Classroom/ Conference Room

Program Description: 

The purpose of the administrative consulting option is to provide administrators a step-by-step guide to develop an effective anti-bullying program. The consulting session is designed to spend one hour making recommendations on how to use the Mojo Up Anti-Bullying program in your schools. The consulting day is an in-depth day where we will address anti-bullying policy, procedures, forms and strategy for implementation by your faculty, staff and students for the entire district or school building. Most states have some form of legislation that gives you the parameters around a policy, leaving administrators the responsibility of creating a process to implement. After the consulting day you will be ready for the implementation of a comprehensive anti-bullying program.

Key concepts your administrators will accomplish:
• Development of a state compliant anti-bullying policy
• Effective anti-bullying definitions (with strategic examples included)
• Establish effective investigation procedures for school safety
• Customized student sequence of intervention plan
• Compliant bullying incident report and interview log
• Steps to easily create staff and faculty anti-bullying roles and responsibilities




**The Mojo Up Anti-Bullying Tour, Program & Tool Kit
provide a practical approach for addressing the
pervasive problem of bullying. Information provided
by Mojo Up, In./Mr. Mojo/Travis Brown is not legal
advice and is not intended to substitute for
consultation with legal counsel.